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MEDICA 2023 was a big success

We would like to thank our partners and clients for meeting us at MEDICA 2023!

After meeting many of of our Pharma and Biotech clients at BIO in June, we headed to Düsseldorf to meet our friends that are working in the medical device and IVD fields.

MEDICA is the largest medical trade fair in the world with several thousand exhibitors from more than 50 countries exhibiting in 19 halls.

Peter Paul, Senior Partner at CYTO Consulting, and myself met with over 40 parties on 3 consecutive days. On day one my step counter measured more than 20,000 steps, which says a lot.

At the end, we accomplished what we set out to do: meet old and new clients and explore what is new and exciting in the medical device world. We will follow-up with everybody as promised in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

Odilo Mueller (founder and president, CYTO Consulting)

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