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CYTO Consulting and Intralink announce partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Intralink. It is exciting to have this competent well established partner serving the Asian market

Intralink is an international business development consultancy specializing in East Asia. The firm’s mission is to make companies’ commercial success in global markets fast, easy and cost effective.

It has 90 multilingual employees, a 30-year track record and offices in South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, the United States, France, Poland and Australia.

The company helps western businesses to expand in Asia, Asian companies to collaborate with western innovators, and governments from around the world to grow their exports and attract foreign direct investment.

Intralink doesn’t just develop its clients’ strategies but plays a hands-on role in building their businesses. Its teams in Asia – immersed in the cultures and business practices of their local markets – identify opportunities, negotiate deals and generate revenues. And when the client is ready, they will help set up an in-country presence through a local subsidiary, partnership or acquisition.

Visit for more information.

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