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CYTO Consulting specializes in working with international life science companies to commercialize their technology through expansion into the US market. Companies face significant difficulties penetrating the US market and CYTO Consulting’s experienced team works to overcome these hurdles efficiently. We distinguish 3 areas of expertise:


  • Connect with Key-Opinion leaders in the academia, pharmaceutical, and clinical research space

  • Manage scientific collaborations specifically with Boston’s expansive healthcare system (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical, Brigham Women's)

  • Provide a Principal Investigator for research projects

  • Secure lab space and open a service lab with personnel for sample analysis


  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative market research, review your current data set, identify gaps

  • Develop data-hypothesis driven strategies, create business & marketing plans, to ensure long term financial success of your company’s expansion to US

  • Manage Execution

  • Provide local presentation in Boston, the worldwide largest biotech hub


  • Recruitment of qualified personnel

  • Assist in securing funding from NIH, Angel Investors, VCs, and other American financial entities

  • Provide executives for hire, local personnel, and other basic services for a successful launch in the US

  • Find office space and open a US office

  • Connect with attorneys for appropriate legal representation

Services : Service


  • Recruitment - find qualified US personnel 30-50% below average recruitment service rates

  • Business development - create list of potential customers and reach out to them by email and phone with the goal of creating qualified leads

  • Organize a local seminar - all aspects of organizing a local seminar are covered including providing personnel to help on the day of the seminar

  • Find a local business partner - licensing partner, M&A partner, channel partner, KOL collaborators, etc.

  • Market research – conduct qualitative market research typically through in-person and phone interviews

  • Find office space or lab space – help establishing an office by finding office/lab space and help out with all other aspects of getting the office/lab operational

  • Business planning – create or update a business plan, marketing plan, or investor slide deck

  • Investor Search – contact our investor database with the goal of setting up investor calls between our client and potential investors.

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