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CYTO Consulting is celebrating its 5-year Anniversary!

CYTO team at the 5-Year Anniversary celebration.

CYTO Consulting, LLC is glad to announce its upcoming 5-year anniversary next month. 

Dr. Odilo Mueller, President and Founder of CYTO Consulting, expressed his gratitude to all current and past clients for giving CYTO Consulting the opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting business and technology projects. 

He remembers CYTO’s humble beginnings. “When we looked at the consulting space, it became apparent that for international life sciences companies that would like to enter the US market, there is a large range of consulting services already available – offering legal advice or help with business planning or market research. However, companies often find themselves unassisted when it comes to implementing their business plans and to start generating revenue. This is where CYTO Consulting takes it a step further. We not only provide help with the planning process, but also help them hands-on in getting things started.”

CYTO Consulting’s services cover a wide range such as, helping to find funding and collaboration partners for early-stage companies, as well as market research, subsidiary formation, business development and recruitment services for companies with a viable business in their home countries. 

“Each of our clients is at different stages, therefore facing unique challenges. The duration and spectrum of our projects reaches from relatively quick feasibility assessments and market studies, up to long-term and complete subsidiary formations incl. incorporating, seminar and launch event organization, business development and revenue generation, as well as executive search. It is always rewarding to guide our clients through the entire process and provide them with a “soft landing” in the Boston / US Life Science eco-system." Mike Steyer, Senior Partner adds. 

CYTO Consulting came a long way since it started operations in October of 2014. It took almost 2.5 years to find the right area of focus, which we are now pursuing diligently. The strategy has paid off and with active collaboration in over 20 countries CYTO Consulting has now become the go-to consulting firm in Boston for international clients. The business also hit a critical inflection point in 2019 with a revenue growth of 87% over the previous year. 

CYTO Consulting recently celebrated the onset of its 5-year anniversary at its headquarters in Cambridge, MA and is looking forward to welcoming more clients in the months to come. 

CYTO Consulting celebrated with friends at its Cambridge, MA office location.

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