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EPPIC 2023

CYTO Consulting attended EPPIC (Entrepreneurs and Professionals in Partnership for Innovation in Healthcare) 2023 in Foster City

This year's conference was focusing on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare space with sessions such as:

1. Will AI lead to better devices and diagnostics?

2. Will AI lead to better drug development?

3. Will AI results in better equity and access to healthcare?

A range of high-caliber experts were discussing these topics. It was mentioned that AI already made great inroads into many fields in the life sciences space much earlier than the recent hype of Chat GPT and other AI platforms. Overall, the impact is very positive. It is accelerating the pace of drug discovery, is used for better diagnostics and is facilitating computer/human interactions. However, the shortcomings of AI such as random mistakes and a bias stemming from the data that are used for training of AI algorithms were also discussed.

The last session of the conference was a Startup Seed Pitch.

The judges evaluated 25 companies in detail that had been chosen from a much larger pool. Four of these companies were invited to the Speed Pitch event.

We are very proud that out of the 4 finalists, 3 are long-time collaborators of CYTO Consulting, with exciting novel technologies:

  1. Akaal with a best-in-class clinical stage drug for neuropathic pain treatment

  2. Endogene with the world's first self-propelled, single-use endoscope

  3. Probius with a game-changing universal biomarker detection platform

We would like to congratulate them for being recognized by the judges as the best examples for cutting-edge innovation.

All 3 companies are currently fundraising in various development stages (early to late stage). Let us know at, if you would like to learn more about these companies or even see their pitch deck.

We would like to thank the organizers for this wonderful opportunity to meet and learn more about new frontiers in the life-sciences/ healthcare space.

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