"How Life Science Sales and Marketing Will Evolve with Artificial Intelligence?"

The ACP-LS, Association of Commercial Professionals-Life Sciences is a valuable resource in our trade. Recently, they featured a stimulating piece by Chris Conner of Life Science Marketing Radio on "How Life Science Sales and Marketing Will Evolve with Artificial Intelligence."

This inspiring conversation with Ethan Kopit of Acenna Data centered on the question: "Is AI going to replace sales people?"

After defining AI as a noun and machine learning as a verb, they covered that this technology, akin to electricity, will allow to do things better--and serve customers better by automating mondane tasks as data entry, list segmentation or lead qualification leaving more time for creative tasks and human contact. By measures as simple as archiving e-mails companies can prepare to make use of data from rich information that is machine readable--and most companies don't even realize that they are sitting on a data goldmine. https://lifesciencemarketingradio.com/podcast/evolving-with-artificial-intelligence/

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